• Port of Albany secures $4 million state grant for new warehouse

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    February 04, 2019

    The Port of Albany will receive $4 million from the state toward its new $8 million warehouse.

    Dagen Trucking of Castleton recently signed a 10-year lease for the new 45,000-square-foot warehouse at the port. Owner Jeff Dagen is working on bringing a new industry to Albany in making, assembling and transporting 800-foot tall offshore wind turbines.

    The new warehouse, completed in December, can hold turbines and generators that weigh more than 1.2 million pounds. It supports up to 2,000 pounds per square foot, two to four times more capacity than most of the other buildings at the port.

    Major companies like General Electric, Siemens and Mohawk Paper use the Port of Albany to ship their products around the world.

    The Empire State Development board approved the $4 million capital grant Thursday.

    "I'm excited to hear that," said Rich Hendrick, general manager of the Port of Albany, after he heard the board had approved the grant. "We're starting to see a return on the investment that the state gave us for that."

    The warehouse was initially chosen to receive state funding in the 2015 regional economic development council competition. Now that the warehouse has been built, the port was eligible to receive the grant.

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