• FAQs Regarding Possible CSSC and CRC Affiliation

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    July 16, 2019

    Questions and Answers On Possible Affiliation between The Chamber of Southern Saratoga County and the Capital Region Chamber


    Why do the two Chamber boards believe affiliation is desirable?

    Each of the Chambers has a strong history of serving and being responsive to their memberships and community. Members of both Chambers have regional business market interests. The Capital Region Chamber is a regional entity in mission, membership and board composition. The Chamber of Southern Saratoga County focuses primarily within Southern Saratoga County, but its membership is beyond county lines. Our memberships are complementary, with some shared members. More can be accomplished with a unified focus. 

    For the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County, integrating under the umbrella of the Capital Region Chamber would continue to honor local interests, while providing expanded services and acting regionally for the benefit of its members and communities. 

    For the Capital Region Chamber, it aligns with and furthers its vision and mission that the region works across geographic and political boundaries, and that the Chamber is a unifying force for change to provide greater influence and opportunities for its members and our Capital Region communities. 

    Did the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County entertain discussions with any other chambers or organizations around integration or affiliation?

    The Chamber of Southern Saratoga County had discussions with both the Capital Region Chamber and the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce.  While both chambers provided the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County with exceptional opportunities around collaboration and affiliation, our board felt that the Capital Region Chamber’s experience with its previous affiliation arrangement between the Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce and the Schenectady County Chamber of Commerce along with its significant resources to assist our membership was a determining factor in our decision.

    Has any decision been made?

    The only decision that has been made is that both Chamber boards have authorized a Joint Task Force to begin the formal evaluative process to move beyond the exploratory stage to conduct due diligence work to make a fully informed recommendation to both boards. 

    What is the timeline?

    The Joint Task Force will meet regularly over the coming months and anticipates making a recommendation by  October.

    I am a small business; how would this impact my services?

    More than 85% of members from each Chamber are small businesses, therefore programs and services geared to small businesses would remain a priority. Members would have access to a larger network of potential customers and vendors, stronger advocacy clout, along with expanded resources to support business growth. 

    Would this impact my membership dues investment to the Chamber?

    There wouldn’t be any significant changes to the dues structure.  Current data analysis is being conducted to identify the number of duplicate members of each chamber and determine a recommendation for those members.   

    Would the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County retain its identity?

    Yes; if the option to become an affiliate chamber within the Capital Region Chamber structure is determined the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County would continue to present locally-focused programming and provide issue advocacy at the local level. Directors of the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County affiliate Board would also serve on the Capital Region Chamber board and its Chair would serve on the executive committee of the Capital Region Chamber.  

    Would the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County still have offices and a designated staff?

    Yes, an office would remain in Southern Saratoga County. Staff will be combined to deliver services most efficiently and effectively via function versus physical location, so you will have more staff to serve your needs. Given the Capital Region Chamber's regional mission, their team has a good familiarity with Saratoga County's economic drivers and the addition of the staff from the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County will only strengthen that knowledge base.

    I currently serve as a volunteer on a Chamber Committee, what changes could I expect?

    We don’t anticipate any significant changes to volunteer opportunities. 

    If the Joint Task Force ultimately recommends affiliation with the Capital Region Chamber, what would happen next?

    Members would receive the rationale for the recommendation. Our Chamber will hold information sessions for members that would like to learn more. Members will be asked to vote on the proposed affiliation of the Chambers.

    Matt Grattan, Chairman

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